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Hunger bites

Hunger bites
My empty-bellied wallet stares at me
My eyes hello back with deeper hollowness

Phones are dead
My uncle says,
Not today

I pick my journal
235 dollars in receivables
But no one has a dime

A friend says
You’ll get through it
Faith without action?

Find me in the morgue!

What’s in the kitchen cabinet?
Floor, sugar, ketchup, and salt
Can’t I make tea?
No, no tea leaves!

But hunger still bites
I call someone
She says I’m a spendthrift!

So I boil water
And take a warm bath
I’m clean in my hunger


I saw them
Protruding ribs
Scaly thighs
Spelt the darkness
In which they dwell
No food
No water
No family
You call it life
They call it travail
As the government
Works to achieve vision 2030
They can’t even dream to be alive tomorrow
Life departed with the sea
And left them at cove
All that remains are living carcasses
Empty belies
And bitter bile
Famine and droughts
Pushed them to the edge of death
As impatient vultures fly by
Just waiting for their last breath
If that delays, they’ll do the kill
Corruption still ate their share of the nation
They became citizens
Indebted to the government
When I reached out
Societal apathy had scotched their entire being
So humans lie in wait
A feast for vultures

I will fight you!

You have refused to stay away
You have become the tail I never had
Dragging me back in rapid steps
Chocking me, cutting my breath

I tried to hide in fancy clothes
From you whose presence I loathe
But still you slid in my wallet
You did what you do best, dictate what I spend

You claim you know my ancestry
My grandfathers with whom you had a binding chemistry
You say you flow in my veins
That my attempts to divorce you are in vain

You tripped me falling head first into debts
Made me a loser in the eyes of dames
Taught my canine to bite vegetables
Sometimes without salt to make them palatable

My sister called asking for some shillings
How could I help her when you stole all my money?
To her I’ve become a hopeless sibling
What’s worse my woman no longer calls me honey

Tonight be prepared for a fight
Pitch your tent, take with you lethargy
No room for you here, you’re hated with all might
I will fight you POVERTY

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