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Courage and Humility

Humility isn’t weakness, Courage isn’t isn’t defiance. Just blend humility with courage and watch yourself rise to realms unfathomed by common men~George Agak


Dear Men

Dear Men,
NO is just a single syllable
How many times does she have to tell you NO to realize it has no hidden meaning like a parable?


I’m you when your own heartbeat defies every step you take on the career ladder,
I’m the cancer that ate your mother’s breast when I knew she had twelve kids to be fed,
I’m the conniving spirits that duped your addicted father that rehab is for those trying to quit
I’m the hunger that drove you insane peddling your virtues for a plate of crumbs
I’m the black sheep of the family whose identity has been lost, everyday learning all that I am;all that makes my stomach churn when I see in others.
I’m a hollow casket,my own corpse believes I stink
I am a lost shepherd,
I am prey to alarm chimes reminding me every morning that I’m too small for my age yet too old for my dreams
I am the mess the society created but felt too good to clean,
I am a vestige of all the man I was meant to be



For those asking me to stop ‘lazing’ around and look for a job

For those asking me to take a full time job

Its time you knew that I am too big a prisoner of myself

To fit in paycheck cells

For those asking me to join the rat race

Its time you knew my strides are too long for rats

Dreams Mock Me

Dreams Mock Me

As a child I had dreams bigger than my sleep. My abilities had no stains of doubt and my hopes breathed from lungs of possibilities. Today my nightmares are bigger than my house and procrastination evicted my best friend ‘NOW” and my walls are painted with the blood of my slain dreams.

Words are Arrows

Having a tongue that twines on curves and edges of words with ease but no intention to drive a positive change is like scratching your itching back with the sharpest tip of a poisoned arrow, it all comes back to you. #Karma_knows_am_right