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The crescent moon shone in a clear sky
As the stars danced around it
The cool breeze deluged my nose
With the sweet scent of flowers
That cheap perfume drowned all day
The streets are quiet
Lamed by power outage
As neighbors complain
I grab this chance to harness
This magical power of the galaxy
I eavesdrop at whispers of crickets
I understand nothing, this language is coded
But what a sweet music it is
To a soul melting in glory of the moon
I clutch this pen in my hand
Disappointed at how wanting I am in nature jargon
That what I see
Can’t be drawn in appropriate words
Just to give you a glimpse
Of how wonderful the night was


Lonely Woman

Insomnia is a lonely woman
Too afraid to let me slip into my nightmares
She holds me tight whispering all that painfully prick my ears
And lames my sight I can’t see my dreams beckoning
Insomnia doesn’t walk alone
She has a big entourage
Comprising fatigue, migraine, tension and their families
She removes her panties and dares me to shove in
All the while painting my world in erotic murals
And sweet-talking how far we could go
If only I took more than the warmth of her thighs
Her belly is dry and scaly
She saps my fluids so much that
I have nothing left to drool on my pillow
She’s a mean old woman
Very adept at wooing boys thrice below her age
Insomnia how I hate you!