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Respect Your Wife- It’s a Command

A lot of men think they are doing women a favour by asking for her hand in marriage, but lets think about this :

she changes her name,

changes her home,

leaves her family,

moves in with you,

builds a home with you,

gets pregnant for you,

pregnancy changes her body,

She bears the shame of walking with the evidence that she had sexrespect your wife

she gets fat,

almost gives up in the labour room due to the unbearable pains of child birth,

even the kids she delivers bear your name.

Till the day she dies…

everything she does, (cooking, cleaning your house, taking care of your parents,

bringing up your children, earning, advising you, ensuring you can be relaxed, maintaining all family relations, everything that benefit you…..sometimes at the cost of her own health , hobbies and beauty.

so who is really doing whom a favour?

Dear men appreciate the women in your lives always, coz it is not easy to be a woman.

*Being a woman is priceless *;;


I wish…


I wish...I wish I could give you all of my heart

But I only have a piece left as an evidence of all my hurt

I wish I wasn’t this naïve

Maybe you would trust me when I tell you what I feel

I wish I could sieve

All the imperfection you see in me

And make my world be to you a beautiful scene

Maybe then you will give in to all my pleas…..

To make you a part of me

I wish I wasn’t this blind

Maybe I could see beyond your eyes

These beautiful eyes that blinds my sight

I wish they could see me in all they latch upon

On flowers along the road

On your every piece of cloth

In your cup of coffee

Beside you when you’re lonely

Maybe then my very being will be a mystery

A mystery you will be willing to identify with

I wish I could see through you

I could take a look deep down your heart

Maybe then I would know if I am a part of your world

I wish you could show me a sign

Then I would know if with you I stand a chance

Copyright ©George Agak 2014






My Insomnia

Do I know her name, NO

Does she know mine, I guess not

Yeah she might be knowing Agak the Poet, The performer

but does she know the other bit-the passionate lover?

If she knew how my tongue has been behaving tamed

would she read it in my eyes and end this daring game?

She is beautiful, to tell her I want her I wouldn’t dare

my tongue held back by this bitter question ‘what if she doesn’t care?

The last we met She shared a hug

Did she feel the vacuum of love in my heart?

She asked how am doing and I said am fine, I am such a liar

Even a blind bat could see she put my crotch on fire

I would like to take her home, to meet my parents

Will she ever love a Luo, she already hates my accent

Her beauty is beyond her pillowy breasts

She has a big heart too, it’s a miracle it fits her chest

I dream of making her my wife

Coz her love is the Aromat that can spice my life

This beauty has become my Insomnia

All night I think of our little past with nostalgia

She has gololi eyes, eyes blind to my feelings

When in my Valley she’s the only one who can tend to my lilies

She has ears, ears deaf to my whispers of love

Yet she is the only one who can fill this vacuum in my heart

Will she agree to be my dark skin beauty?

Loving her is my passion, not a duty

I plan to meet her tonight

Dear lord make everything right

To propose to her I need no ring

Neither a song will I sing

For I want her to be the 5th chamber of my heart

A wife, a part of me that hurts when she’s hurt

In her warm embrace I can’t resist to get chained

In the full glare of the envious moon her lips I will taste

My Insomnia

Copyright ©George Agak 2014


Every person needs good nutrition to have a good health. Other basic needs that are always given much attention are shelter and clothing but the need for a fulfilling relationship between partners in love can never be underestimated. Every lady needs a caring and loving man for a husband and to be frank such men are not yet endangered species, if you need a caring and loving man I guess you won’t have to look anymore, they are plenty who knows? Maybe your next door neighbor is that type. The problem has always been finding a trustworthy partner. Those who will be able to resist the temptation of drawing water from strange wells and stick to the springs in their own Gardens of Eden even if the water is salty.

Cheating in marriage
Cheating in Relationship

The search for such a partner may take long if at least you are lucky to find one. Really, why do people cheat in relationships? Several factors contribute to the evil habit of cheating in relationships. To begin with, it is good for both partners to know that it takes the two of them to make a relationship work. In case one partner has sacrificed much to a relationship and the other is not willing to reciprocate, he/she will find it necessary to look for someone who will be willing to devote more time and energy to a relationship. Poor communication between spouses also create suspicion that he /she has divided attention and therefore may begin cheating when such slight opportunities knock their doors in pursuit of revenge.

Danger Lurks in Darkness

Danger Lurks in Darkness
Danger Lurks in Darkness

Son, sit down and let these words sink

Deep in between your ears

Get wisdom so long you may live

To overcome all your fears

Son, don’t stay out too long in the night

For in darkness nothing happens right

Lost souls hover, dark angels scavenge

Preying on innocent beings for revenge

Remember you left your wife at home

No blankets, bed sheets torn

Won’t you save her from cold?

Your chest is the only warmth she’s ever known

Son, your child has stopped suckling breasts

You should be home making another baby

And your wife, didn’t you see her shaking her legs?

Late night drinks are for the impotent and the lazy

Son, didn’t you hear the hyenas laugh

And leopards are not friendly to strangers

Your wife has still kept the lights on, come home, come home

You will be safe in her arms

For danger lurks in darkness.