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Lord Have Mercy

Reading the bible, just wondering if such thing as righteousness is real in a world where everyone tries to give the bible a twist to find a better fit for themselves…the word of God that is a double-edged sword can be maliciously used to slit throats of those God thirsts to hear from..
God, stretch your hands to the hopeless sinners of my lot who have been cajoled to believe that your Grace will make up for their rebellious minds engaging in clandestine pleasures of this world, the shepherds have turned your word into a marketing tool to fill offering boxes as the path to heaven is steadily turning into savanna. ‪#‎LordhaveMercy‬


I’m you when your own heartbeat defies every step you take on the career ladder,
I’m the cancer that ate your mother’s breast when I knew she had twelve kids to be fed,
I’m the conniving spirits that duped your addicted father that rehab is for those trying to quit
I’m the hunger that drove you insane peddling your virtues for a plate of crumbs
I’m the black sheep of the family whose identity has been lost, everyday learning all that I am;all that makes my stomach churn when I see in others.
I’m a hollow casket,my own corpse believes I stink
I am a lost shepherd,
I am prey to alarm chimes reminding me every morning that I’m too small for my age yet too old for my dreams
I am the mess the society created but felt too good to clean,
I am a vestige of all the man I was meant to be

Coming Home

Mama I received your letter
I hope writing back will make you feel better
I am not evading home as you thought
But it’s rumblings of this life I sort
I believe beneath these echoes
There are voices of honchos

Voices that know the twists and turns
The colds and burns
Of this life we’re predisposed to travail
With their every nugget my boats sail
Cruising against the tides to places
Where tables are set beautified with vases

Mama I hope you live long enough
To bite a piece of my dough
That which is baked in my brain
And marinated with ounces of my pain

The pain of staying far from you
The pain of ditching all my clothes you sew
Just put on the corporate look
The manager believes does the sale boost

Mama soon I’ll be home
Just wait till I prove them wrong