ROBBER praying
ROBBER praying

Our Father in Heaven
I accept I am such a reject
But my only Father is you
As long as the skies are blue

I am a teacher by profession
But this job gives me no satisfaction
It drove me into a pool of debts.
Debts. that may take away my breath

My wife needs a fridge
My daughter is home for fees
My son needs new shoes
Ooh Lord, Would you save me from this noose?

Father, you are the king of provision
But sometimes it’s rather hard to reason
You have all the wealth at your palm
Why must my life be so hard?

Is it because I don’t go to church?
Isn’t a prayer just enough?
Why must I go through all this pain?
With nothing worth to gain?

Ooh Christ the most holy
You are the one and the only
Who can lift the lowly to glory
My cry I bring to thee
That you may uplift me

Father before you I bring my weapons
Weapons, necessary for my mission
But with all the weapons I still need your protection
To accomplish this mission

Protect my family in my absence
And to every premise give me access
To the police give the best of sleep
That I may get all I need

And now for my mission I leave
When seen give me the speed to flee
If caught don’t let me get lynched
In court give me enough bribe to set me free

Remember I have mouths to feed
So please, avail my every need
I ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ
-Agak George