Popcons for 100th post

Some people were not built for begging, even if they need whatever they are asking for they will be mistaken to have already got it. I am fortunate to be in this category but today I drop the tittle and I am here asking for popcons, bottles of all drinks brewed, chicken breasts, biscuits, chocolates or coffee and whatever it is you can offer, its my 100th post and we need to toast…But before you begin sending anything I think I owe you much more especially those who have been reading, rating, sharing, rebloging, commenting and liking my posts. Most importantly I thank those who have been critiquing my works, you have made me grow . I thank you for being here and may you please stamp your presence on this blog, if it makes you grow, well and good, read and read more of my writes. If everything in this blog has fallen short of your expectations, please share with and help me know how I an surpass your expectations but even in the midst of it all don’t forget that its the imperfection in what we do that make us human,perfection is the greatest enemy of creativity and when what you thought is broken is not fixed even after you suggesting that I do so, just know it was meant to be broken or it wasn’t broken in the first place!

Stay, here I can’t promise you much, for you have been promised bigger things but you can know you will always find enough to read whether borne of creativity or insanity. Being a little insane isn’t that bad after all, insanity spices life and life will never be life without flaws and insane beings of my variety.

what a coincidence my 100th post is on a full moon.. it looks like a ball of fire!

Now let the goodies flow! send anything but veges, av got enough!!

Love you all,
George Agak


Dear Waresa,
You used to shine
You were in stardom
Left an imprint on cloud nine
And spelt downfall to Sodom

Waresa dear,
You were quick to adhere
Bring our dreams near
For our hopes are here

Waresa our future,
Our character you nurture
What a precious gift of pleasure
In our hearts you are a treasure

Waresa brighten our fading stars
Heal our wounds and erase our scars
Awaken our dreams that you once hurt
And restore the joy we had at heart

Waresa, Waresa, Waresa,
Our sunshine, our future, my life
Please make us shine
And rekindle our hopes now gone for a while

***Waresa is a primary school where we went to to do a reading study. we found the first two lines of the first stanza written and we decided to complete it…it ain’t solely my work….my research colleagues did the bigger portion in building it. and I am keeping it as a memento ****

Greedy Bastards

Greedy Bastards
I trust people, but I trust my pen more
For nobody sticks when palatable turns sour
It’s only my pen that drips in sorrow
A friend I can count on for tomorrow

These smiling faces
Are just painted vases
Homing dead roses
Bro, BFF but they depart
When your world is torn apart

I’ve got your back so they say
But they laugh when life strips it bare
Their talks barricades your every way
As they hide beneath ‘because we care’

You walk barefoot in bonfires they’ve lit
They backbite of your wounded smelly feet
With empty goodbyes they leave
To tell of how stuck you’re in deep shit

They’ll have you for their convenience
Your naivety, their greed; a perfect blend
Selfies, for what? Reminiscence?
When all they did is watch as you bled!


Teach me how to mount on steepest of mountains
With feeble, bleeding soles
Muscles worn
Breathe dilapidating
Don’t let this trail of blood lead to my deathbed
For I’ am no feast for ravens

Grips losing
Teeth gnashing
Lips trembling
Tendons breaking
Please, reinforce the cardiac chains
That they may hold these dreams longer enough
For these tough times to pass

Don’t Leave Please

Baby dont go

Baby sit down let’s talk

Coz Contrary to your belief not all is lost
Don’t drag that bag out the door
Sorry, I didn’t mean to raise my voice
But you left me no choice
But to do the void


You know I can’t stop you if you want to leave
Coz it’s pointless forcing you to live with me
But give me a reason to believe
That in this situation a breakup is the only remedy


You say it’s not me, it’s you but that’s true coz the changes are visible, you spend more time before a mirror, you now apply make-up, you’ve changed your perfume and embraced stilettos, I see G-strings in our bedroom but I’ve never seen you in them I wonder who does, you’ve become so mindful of the clothes you wear .Definitely you dress to impress but no doubt you don’t do that for me!


What’s worse, not once you’ve called me Nick at the height of orgasm making me feel like a gardener in my own palace baby if anybody is wrong in this relationship it’s you! But still I choose to look at the better side of you, despite the lately flaws in your character you’re still my lighthouse, brightening every darkest corner of my life, you erased my feelings of self-loathe borne of endless failures in all spheres of life and heartbreaks from past relationships. You are an angel I stumbled upon in the dark sent by God of rain to flood my arid heart and let love bloom as never before


Baby don’t leave, why do you want to break my heart
You can roast my liver on your grill for lunch
Or better yet munch my bones for calcium
Maybe then you will know how much of you live within me


you say parting is the best for us, Baby that’s so mean, that’s so wicked that’s so lethal, you know your love encrypts my DNA if you leave I will be lame.


How did we get here in the first place, I hate this place, it stinks, it stings it feels like you are stripping the bandages, the stiches that holds my heart into a piece and hammering nails in their place expecting me to sit back and endure the pain like ‘a real man’ and term it collateral damage, baby that’s insane! I know your heart maybe depleted of all the love you had for me but I believe you have some sanity left therein *points at the head*   If you let me I will spread your brain on a silver platter and immaculately handpick all the doubts, the seeds of deceit and mistrust and replace them with a twin tower of love and trust that we may relish what was once flawless


I know you may be running late
But you can’t leave me burdened by all the blame
If not for me then in honor of the love we share
Would you look into my eyes and tell me what we had is no longer there
Truth hurts but it frees, maybe I will be strong to let go and be the one to give you bus fare!