Love on a Cold November

On the misty bench on the park
I sat bracing the cold
Watching a beetle drag dung
I suppose to make fires
In its cold haven

Clad in belted trench coat
Atemo appeared holding a mug of coffee
Her scarf swirling in the evening breeze
As she pulled wild strand of hair
Onto the back of her left ear

Her moccasin landing gently on the cold surface
As she cut through the snow with the tip of her nose
Her smile reflecting the vestiges of the buried sun
As her footsteps synchronized with the melody of the cooing doves
And I marvel; what a precious gift on a cold November?

The dewy grass massaging her feet
She moved with an aura of serenity
With arms already spread
To encase my yearning temple
And kisses showered
Amidst muffles of ‘I love you’
Her lips tasted like mint tea on a winter night

In the depths of the snow I saw love protrude
And heard the wind whisper of our love with envy
The woman of my dreams was here
Peeling the frozen layers of my fragile heart

The scent of rose flower filled the air drowning her cologne
As I sparked the flames in her eyes
With loving words I uttered
Surely, this was for keeps


Mending your Sky

The sky is blue
And beautiful to view
Every time I look at the sky I wonder if it can be created anew
Every time my eyes stretch beyond the horizon and peel through patches of white clouds into the depth of the blue sky, I wonder what it must have taken the creator to mold something so perfect and I am tempted to raise my hand and leave my signature on the blue canvas , it’s so beautiful

An epitome of serenity
An epithet of longevity
And a testament of God’s divine love for humanity
But the sky is not always as peaceful as it seems to be
Sometimes it gets cloudy; dark clouds parading the sky like rebel angels spelling destruction to all that lay below
Sometimes it splits open sending thunder striking beings sipping life out of them and it laughs as we blame the one on the throne for its atrocities

Whenever I marvel at the carefree nature of the sky the youth comes to mind
Because just like the sky, youth is a multifaceted phenomenon
Youth is beauty; it’s devoid of the wrinkles of the old
Youth is Strength; it shoulders the weight of the society
Youth is vigor; it’s the adrenaline that flies the society
Youth is hope; it holds the key to granaries of prosperity

Who have the strength to walk on the rugged terrains spreading the gospel?
Who have the numbers to stir a socio-political revolution?
Who have the voices to speak change?
The youth……(pause)
It’s only the youth who have the power to rebuild and restore the crumbled pillars of the society
But sometimes it pains my heart to see what the youth have become
We’re chained to depression and anxiety we’ve lost our calm
Isn’t it a bitter irony that our tongues have the power to speak life but we have become dry bones in the valley awaiting the return of Ezekiel?
Swimming in pools of alcohol
Our bodies no longer God’s home
But instruments of self-indulgence
Seeking pleasure like it’s the sole reason for our existence
As chastity lay slain in the depths of our hearts

We no longer hunger for the life giving word
But lost in pursuit of vanities of this world
Forgetting that whatever happened in Sodom,
could happen here if we make this place our home

Just like a lone barrel tossed in the Nile
The youth rummages through sin with a smile
We have veered off the track
Tearing every fabric of the society apart

When goals become long overdue
We try different avenues
Dropping pens for guns,
Getting loose on pants
But in all these you have a price to pay
Needless to say
A price you won’t have to pay,
If only you would submit to Jesus
He who fed the hungry and healed lepers
Won’t he save your neck from life’s scissors?

And he calls on all who are heavy laden
With addictions and life’s burden
Those whose backs break at the weight of sin
Those whose names are akin to guilt
He says forget all the stress
And come to me I’ll give you rest

So change your direction
Step on the clutch
Change your life’s gear and come to church
For it takes submission to Christ
To mend your shredded sky

Atieno Onge’yo Tedo

Atieno ongeyo tedo
Kwone chiek magol odeyo
Jaber kotedo dek
To welo medo didek
Ringe yom, ichwako giyien mobar
Jomakalo eyo kowinjo suya to dwa mana ni obar
Omende ka ibilo to iweyo dhi Kosewe
Ayaye nyathini ong’e tedo diel nyaka lewe

Jodongo kochamo kwon Atieno
To muomo mudho mandiwa gotieno
Gikelo mbaka e dhoda
Kaigalo ni ariambo to penj Rubot wuod Ododa
Obiro koni kaka jaduong’ Othwele mabakane ok rum
Sechego to oseneno ka iro dum

Atieno ong’eyo pidho welo
Kawendo odonjo nyaka oted gweno
gwen opidho mopong’o osera
To donge nyathini jahera?

ologo welo gi pi ma mamormor
miyo welo chiemo gimor
gik medo ndhadhu bende en go kanyo
Dania, hoho, saumu gi karot oromo kado
Apilo makech bende omiyi iketo kendi kaka idwaro

Atieno nyar Ahero to ahero
Jaberni omiyo aweyo sero
Nikech ong’eyo rito ode
Dak imiene giweche chode
Jaberni osekwalo chunya chuth
opogore ginyiri matimre kathuth
ma oheri ka ingi mwandu
bang’e to giringi ka chogo ma onge ndhadhu

Jaber orito wuod nyar kumabor
Wuoyi tinde iye opong’o bor
Ka adonjo jaber miya nyuka
Ok nyuka anyuka okalo ka
nyuka mobagi to oole ei agwata
Sukari okelo e mesa aketo kenda

Bang’ nyuka to aluokra gi pi maliet
Bang’ luok to achamo kuon maliet
Sechego jaber otwe suka lilo, denda bet maliet
Bang’ kuon anindo kuom del mayom to liet
ouma gi onget maliet
kiny ka achiewo to chae maliet
Adhi tich gi chuny mokwe
Omiyo nyathi Ahero to ahero
Omiyo afwenyo ni jadhako ruoth.

Peddling Sex

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I see them peddling sex on every street corner
A panacea for the emotionally wounded sojourner
They expose their wares at the door of their customer’s repose
Brokenness laced with thin pearls of satisfaction
That wears off
Leaving vacuums
That propels the sojourner’s barrels of hunger
Coming back for a bite
Bites that leave teeth with ache,
Brains fizzling with bacteria,
Addictive sexual fantasy
And broken families

So I ask the customer
How much does she cost you?
Just 5 leaves of 1 hundred notes!
And I mark that wrong.



Everything slips through her fingers

Her hands a mesh work

Of frailties

She can’t hold onto a thing

Behind her trudges a dark cloud

Of failures magnified

Cynicism  amplified

And hate is eminently inscribed

Deep in her eyes

The orchestra of her heavy breathing

Is in complete harmony

With the crunchy sound

Of the fallen dried paint

That once laced her lungs

Stepped on by irate kin.

With her wagging tongue

She curved her path

Cleared every obstacle

To her destitution

Out of her volition

She got into this mission

To prove she could drive

Her own being to completion

She hated

She received

Amidst complains

She deserved better

And now

No one needs her close

The ungrateful monster


Bitter lesson learnt

Bridges to the past burnt


*** Sometimes I just write things that I cant even classify. Most of the times I see pictures in my mind that I just put down as raw as I see them. Can this be a poem? I don’t know but it is the closest embodiment of what I saw when I closed my ears and listened to voices unheard, humming of strange sort . But still I feel I haven’t put I down in its entirety. Read it and tell me what you think it is. ***** LOve ya’ll



Grab the pillow
Warmth to borrow
It will be long till I come
Sing a song to fill your hollows
Hold the cat to wipe your sorrows
It will be long till I come
Strap the guitar
Break the strings
Release the tension
Calm your rage
For no woman,
Holds me but you
Drink a glass of water
Take a deep breathe
Close your eyes
See me in magical bliss
Open your eyes
To biting reality
To chilling cold
For today you’ll know

When You Get Back

When You Get Back

When you get back
Early enough to find my heart beating
Please stop my clock from tickling so fast
And allow me to speak with you in a language
Only death understands

You’ll find me stranded on a bridge
My feet too feeble to take a step
And my heart tired of my hesitation
To take a leap into the abyss beneath

The glow in my eyes fainting with every passing second
These ears will hear you cry
I will cry too
But my tongue will be glued on the floor of my mouth
So a word won’t escape
Just tears and more tears
Will swamp our pillow

Please don’t press your lips against mine
Coz beneath my lips lays bitter bile of hate
For a world that snatched my bag of existence
When the apex of Zion was in view

Wash me with your tears
For rains never heard me call
Allow me to look into your eyes again
Heaven can never be more beautiful

Then whisper a prayer
Light my way with your smile
And give me the strength to leap
Deep into the abyss beneath

I Should Have Danced With You

I Should Have Danced With You

My dearest child
Tears well my eyes
Every time the sun rise
Heating the slab you’re cased in
I writhe within
Regrets find their way in my conscience
And my heart is yet to listen to my plea for acceptance

In spite of all I did and failed to do
You can know I loved you
We only fail at how to express
Feelings the heart can’t digress
Nor the tongue can profess

I was a bad father
Tossed you in winds like a feather
And watched as you lost grips of your dreams
I was never there to tour your realms
All that worried me were your screams

I failed you my daughter
My special gift wrapped in laughter
I should have called you Isaac
But my conservatism made you berserk

When you asked me to dance with you
I felt envious at how meticulously your aura flew
And I said, ‘I’m dancing with you in my heart’
You moved your feet and your dress swayed in part

Every move stretched my heart walls
I needed more space to store your wholes
But you were too wild a bird to be caged
Breaking free from walls society etched

Now that you’re gone
This place is no longer home
But a mine field of regrets
It is a yard of myriad faucets
Of all that poor parenthood begets

Every time your memory creeps in my mind
Your plea peeps to remind,
Me that I owe you a dance
And I move my feet in hope that I meet you in trance
Father-daughter dance

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Gravity Will Forget

Gravity Will Forget

Will Gravity ever forget?
That I ever existed
When pain is all it begets
Starving me while others feasted
Bruising my back on ragged earth
Breaking the spine of my life
Decimating my worth
As my body and soul got in strife
Pulling me back always
Weakening my strength
Barricading all my ways
And ushering anxiety in my life’s depth
Chaining my feet to anvils
Pounding my dreams to pulp
And feeding them to weevils
As my blood devils gulp
Bruising my knuckles
Spraining my muscles
Around depression tightening my buckles
Its ceaseless hassles

Will gravity ever forget?



For those asking me to stop ‘lazing’ around and look for a job

For those asking me to take a full time job

Its time you knew that I am too big a prisoner of myself

To fit in paycheck cells

For those asking me to join the rat race

Its time you knew my strides are too long for rats