The leveler

I want to write
But the strange thing about words is
They slip through the mesh of your mind
flooding your judgment
With imperfections
Poor diction here,
You should have used imagery there,
This poem is too basic!
You killed your success
Before it could escape the jaws of perfection
For fear of rejection
You detoured from your destination
And sought opinions and corrections
Before fusion
Of words with purpose
now you’ve stagnated
Your own growth
But like a traveler in the midst of a desert
Craves a drop of water
We all crave a drop of inspiration
When pages lay blank
When poems remain letters
Without purpose nor destination
Then you remember we’ve all had these words
The perfect artist has them
The sorry poet has them
The same
Of creation
And then the wind blew
We all loved the cool breeze
But someone made a windmill
And now he mills profits
And the sun came up
Shone on and on
The palace and the tenement
To the rich and the poor
Second chance for all
To solve the puzzles of yesterday
Don’t wait
To apportion blame
It’s a leveler
It shone
Brightened our paths
A fresh chance
To kick the dark spots
Off your path

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27 thoughts on “The leveler”

  1. Reblogged this on Chevvy's Studio and commented:
    In the amazing world of blogging, you stumble on words that move or inspire you and that’s what happened when I read the work of george agak from
    Sliver of Darkness. Something he said, inspired me to challenge him to write a poem on that theme and I would do the same. So thanks to George, I wrote Something happened based on his take on what each new day brings His take is right here in “The Leveller” Enjoy and we both welcome your comments. Please check out George’s blog as well. Chevvy.


      1. Hey George, it was a pleasure. Quite random I know but I don’t like believing in random. I like to leave footprints in the sand and hope that’s what we both did. Sometimes life has its struggles and this is our escape and the place where we can learn and grow.

        Don’t know if you followed Viola Davis’s acceptance speech for winning the supporting actress title in the Academy Awards. She said – it’s only artists who truly live. Hopefully, we are all artists in some way. I know you are!

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        1. Wow, well said. It’s only artists who live. A TV Interviewer once asked me where I’ll be in 5 years time and I told him I’ll be living and he thought that was the craziest answer he’s ever got.
          Back to us, this is a footprint, and many journeys can be explored

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You see, if you keep talking to me like this, I’ll turn your words into more poetry hahaha! But isn’t that interesting? – your answer to the journalist.Yes, there is living and there is LIVING!!!😀

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  2. Like always, when I notice someone start following my blog, I hop over to that person’s blog and jeeeeez…Am I happy I did this again: marvelous piece George!
    Kind regards from a neighbor at out globe.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi George. Thank you for liking “Wish It Away!” And for your comment it means a lot and is reward enough. I write what I feel and see around me. Never short of something to say. Though Fame will not come my way my thoughts are out there forever! Best Wishes. TheFoureyedPoet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The day you decided to be a writer you offered to be a mouthpiece. fame or disgrace, you remain a writer.
      Just know readers enjoy your writes. I do. They do. More reasons to pen!


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