Death is late


I will write a letter and toss it in the wind
Or strip your hammock and toss in the river
I might be dead when they reach you
Nothing has changed
Yet nothing has remained the same
The gods have been vexed
All this time they’ve held rain

Grass still grows
Watered by endless flow of blood
The valley has changed its appeal
The shades we once rested under
Now home rotting humans
And vultures feast
The freedom fighters have fought the system
Then rebelled against their prior motives
They kill anything in human gait

But still….
The government lives
Not counting the ones lost
They fly outside to drink and dine
Because this nation is rotten
Their appetite might wane

When they took you, bro,
I couldn’t fight them
That’s cowardice I know
But death isn’t for the brave either

Bro, this nation is rich
You could have seen their arsenal
Yet, war isn’t cheap
Neither is peace affordable

Remember the cave we hid in?
They blew it up
Hundreds died in there
And smoke and dust soared high
As the blast drowned
Their shouts of victory

My turn is coming
I’ve dreamt about it with eyes open
I saw its end…
Somewhere in a vultures poop
I’m still lying here in wait
I know the bullets won’t reach me in time
This hunger, cold and fear won’t wait

65 thoughts on “Death is late”

                  1. Much as we feel despondent from time to time, we have had leaders who have sacrificed and fought the good fight and I think there are still enough of us to rally behind the good fight and my hope would be that this must be our rallying call everywhere. Have a good day George!

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  1. this is great, George. I too felt a tear. I don’t usually respond favorably to stark detailed descriptions of horror….but your writing rings true and is very very powerful. You are an outstanding writer.

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  2. Reblogged this on SOMETIMES and commented:
    I am very touched by this excellent poem by George Agak. His work is very graphic, and grabs ahold of the reader and doesn’t let go. It is an accomplishment to achieve such a deep emotional work of writing, and as you folks know, I am not subject to being moved by hyperbole. It is a sad fact that this kind of terrible scenario exists in our modern world. Thanks for the reblog-button, George!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this poem, in it is a cry of victims slain by corrupt regimes that trade lives of hapless citizens for political and economic supremacy…Thanks


      1. yes. corrupt regimes too often rule, and are dominated by other regimes…like in Syria right now, there seems to be more than one villain here…sad but true. My field is actually Mexico and Central America…banana republics and control. I know not much of Africa, except to recognize similarities to other areas that I know more about. Greed and power…always to blame.

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      1. well I like it a lot, it really rings true. I am happy to reblog excellent posts. I only do if the reblog button is present, that way a post can get a lot wider exposure when it is on various sites.

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        1. Yes, it takes a collective effort to grow art…I write very graphic poems from time to time but I’m very poor at marketing my work. Thanks for your pair hands in every little way!


            1. Yes, with Amazon you’ll reach a wider audience. It’s also easier to sell because you don’t handle shipping.

              Poetry is a big house and everybody has a room in it. I’m love light poems, they give me a different pair of eyes. But when I write, it’s always has a dark edge…so I thrive in dark poetry and that’s me


                  1. Opinionated Man blog promotes writers, do you follow him? George Messonios with WordPress I think talks about Indie Publishing a lot. I know nothing about this…but I should check it out. I’d like to put out a book with some of my poems.

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                    1. OM reads my blog…though he has alot of followers to visit mine daily..Jason Cushman is his real name and we’ve chat a lot. When my book is out I bet he’ll help me market it.


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